2016 Review
There has been a real shift in Office Furniture requirements in 2016, with open offices being more prominent it has brought with it some unique challenges, and new products to assist with ergonomics and employee comfort, changing our most popular furniture items. Our top 7 items for 2016 are as follows:
  1. Sit to stand desks
  2. Acoustic solutions
  3. Barleaners for staffrooms/casual meeting spaces
  4. Stools to go with the leaners
  5. Soft Wiring and Cable Management
  6. Ergonomic Accessories like Anti Fatigue Mats and Monitor Arms
  7. Tambour units and Planters
Will be interesting to see how this changes in 2017! If you are interested in any of the above items, please contact one of our friendly sales consultants on 067588618

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