Commercial Offices
When our clients have Commercial Offices to fit out we often work with the architects and the client together to achieve a result that both parties are looking to achieve.
With this fit out the client was wanting open office areas, and to bring some life into their spaces. 
Tambour units were used to create these spaces with plants in the top, not only bringing life, but the practical aspect of noise reduction. Plants also have some great health benefits. 
We had a mixture of sit to stand desks and static height desks in these offices, with cable management and monitor arms to assist with space and Health and safety.
Custom made lockers with Blackboard doors have brought a bit of fun into the office with people able to customise their locker to them and Caddy's with different coloured topper pads bring colour to an area where colour is often forgotten and Whiteboard tables bring a practical solution to meeting spaces where writing space is required.
Canteen areas both indoor and outdoor benefit with an injection of colour also, whilst remembering the comfort of the person using it also.
  • Blackboard lockers
  • Tambour units and Planter boxes
  • Sit to stand desks
  • Static height desks
  • Monitor arms
  • Cable management
  • Canteen furniture (indoor and outdoor)
  • Chairs
  • Caddy's and mobiles
  • Custom made bookcases
  • Screens

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