Tikorangi School

Tikorangi School has ingeniously integrated sliding whiteboards to combine teaching tools with storage solutions, transforming classrooms and administrative areas alike. From plush seating in the principal's office to flexible reception areas, the school exemplifies innovation and inclusivity. This post explores the transformative impact of these enhancements, highlighting Tikorangi's commitment to dynamic and welcoming educational environments.

The addition of sliding whiteboards to the classroom at Tikorangi School enables teachers to teach using a whiteboard but provides storage behind and below the writing surface. The bases of the units can be changed to suit the schools requirements. 


Tikorangi wanted cupboards and shelves to store their tote trays, cubes and other items.

A warm multi-use area was created for the staffroom and admin spaces used by staff and visitors. We supplied a mixture of soft seating, seated tables or standing tables so that staff and visitors can operate in a comfortable environment.


Soft seating around a coffee table created a welcoming space in the principals office. Where hard chairs would have been traditionally used, a plush environment makes parents feel more comfortable when in discussion with the principal.


In reception we installed a flexible arm to hold the tablet used for visitors to sign in and out along with soft seating and a coffee table for visitors' comfort. The lockable first aid cabinet was supplied with the first aid sticker on it. It provides a safe place for them to keep their first aid equipment


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